Key Personnel

The first thing to say is that each and every member of Weigh Sol’s staff – inside and out – is a valued employee, an important and integral part of our team.

So it’s rather unfair to single out anyone in particular here.

However, one or more of these names and faces may well be familiar to you…

Steve Reynolds – Commercial Director

Starting out with the old George Salter group (who actually had something to do with the creation of his beloved “Baggies”, so there’s serendipity for you!), Steve has been involved in industrial weighing for about 40 years now – the greater part of which have been spent working within the Process Weighing sector.

He has a very broad knowledge of Vessel Weighing and many other weighing applications, plus many friends and contacts within the industry as a result of his longstanding relationships with many significant UK customers and partner companies.

“To me it’s very plain and simple… help the customer out by solving their problem, whatever it is, the key thing is empathy”, says Steve.

Peter McAndrew – Technical Director

Peter is a highly-experienced (very much, hands-on) site weighing technician and engineer, with an almost limitless knowledge of the wide assortment and challenging applications that we deal with daily.

He has wide ranging and enviable experience and knowledge of many differing weighing installations and processes. It’s fair to say that that what Peter doesn’t know about Process Weighing isn’t really worth knowing – and even if he hasn’t faced a particular situation or piece of industrial weighing equipment before, Peter will find a way of “fixing it”!

Peter’s ability to solve the weighing problem cannot be underestimated, practical engineers like him are extremely hard to find these days – so do contact us if you have an issue you’re having difficulty in solving, he will be delighted to assist.

Lisa Rogers – Site Engineering Administrator

Lisa has been with Weigh Sol for several years, therefore having many long-time “customer friends” out there.

Her role is vital as the main contact for the arranging of the various types of site visit we make for our customers.

She is a real asset to our business because of her very amiable and helpful character. Lisa will always be “on the ball” as far as the scheduling of regular service visits, responding to breakdown calls and dialogue with Weigh Sol in general.

Adam McAndrew – Site Engineer

With a strong field-based background in IT system installations, Adam joined his father at Weigh Sol to develop his career and – to an extent – trying to replicate Peter’s long experience in the Industrial Weighing industry.

Adam’s initial motivation was to have some variety as well as challenge in the carrying out of his daily duties, and he certainly has that… whether it be doing a full calibration of a large platform floor scale using weights or of a weigh-vessel system by flowmeter, fitting a new load cell in a scale or vessel mounting assembly, replacing a failed board in a weighing instrument or a myriad of other common activities that arise with (sometimes old and obsolete) weighing equipment and systems.

So it’s very much a case of “so far, so good” as far as both Weigh Sol and Adam are concerned!

Christina Hart – Commercial Administrator

Chris is a very familiar voice to many of Weigh Sol’s customers as a result of her previous extensive experience in our niche world of Process Weighing. 

Joining the company in August 2015, Chris primarily looks after accounts and service agreement renewals, as well as having a number of other important administrative duties that contribute to the smooth and efficient daily running of the Weigh Sol business.

Chris will always be happy to receive your call and to help in any way she can.

Adam Jarvis – Sales Engineer

Adam’s appointment was very important to Weigh Sol, it is seen as key for the continuing progress and development of our business going forward.

Having had many years’ service with a major name in our industry, Adam has a very experienced background in “weighing” and therefore is very knowledgeable on the subject of load cells and their applications.

Adam has undoubtedly added another valuable dynamic to our sales team, particularly from a “visiting site” point-of-view. He is ambitious and extremely keen to prove his worth by expanding his skill-set as much as possible to be a long-lasting success at Weigh Sol.

Each member of Weigh Sol’s staff is an important contributor to our business and vital member of our team, which has been put together with great care to ensure our positive and friendly “culture” is maintained – no matter who is involved.

So you can be assured that you will receive the same response and attention from whomever you speak to at Weigh Sol.

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