Soft Drinks & Beverages, Brewing & Distilling

One again finds a plethora of Process Weighing requirements and applications at play here. Where the nature of the industry dictates that the product medium is mostly in liquid form. And which therefore lends itself to measurement by weight as an alternative to volumetrically or via some other means.

Load Cells Within The Drinks Industry

The use of load cells within this industry is extensive for measuring the contents of blending and mixing vessels. And of ingredient and finished product storage tanks. Along with many different types and design of platform scale for all sorts of measurement-by-weight need. Both under manual and – increasingly -automatic control (eg by PLC or DCS).

Hygienic Weighing Equipment

A hygienic design is a must for the equipment used within the working environments of manufacturers in this sector. As is a rugged construction for maximum reliability and high-quality weighing instruments. These both must work in ‘stand alone’ mode in the field plus that are connectable in some way to the customer’s production control system or data network.

Weigh Sol Within The Drinks Industry

Weigh Sol enjoys close relationships with several well-known manufacturers in this sector, as can be seen on our Clients page here.

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