Weighing in Industry

The world that Weigh Sol inhabits most of the time is spent within the most-oft users of Process Weighing in the UK, those that belong to…

  • the food and food ingredients industry
  • the chemicals sector in general
  • the manufacturers of personal and beauty products
  • the pharmaceutical and heathcare industries
  • gases and petrochemicals producers or processors
  • waste recyclers
  • power generators

Industries We Weigh in

Then there are manufacturers and processors in the plastics and rubber industries. As well as in paper and packaging production and a multitude of engineering companies. All have Process Weighing needs, such is the power and universality of mass-measurement.

Bulk Material Weighing

So we’re talking about incoming bulk raw materials that need processing for the manufacturer. Before breaking them down into smaller units and much further on despatched in discrete packages of finished product. These are often very recognisable to the general public on the shelf of a shop or supermarket.

Weigh Sol’s Customer Base

Hence our customer base contains some very well-known brand names. “Blue chip” and otherwise, companies we value and prize our relationships with. Equally, we are not an elitist supplier and provider. Each and every client of Weigh Sol matters just as much to us no matter their size and will receive an equivalent level of assistance from us.

Call 01527 267 987 or email us at sales@weighsol.com

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