For servicing reasons, generally speaking we confine our onsite work and activities to mainland UK and Ireland. Wherever the end-user location is within these boundaries and however remote it may be we can provide a weighing solutions.

Weigh Sol’s HQ

Our HQ office is in Redditch in central England. Our site engineers are regionally based and therefore travel from home to their scheduled destination. Our aim is always, where possible, to try to send the nearest available engineer to site. Beneficial when attending a particular issue requiring such direct addressing.

Traveling to you

We can also – and sometimes do – travel further afield if necessary to carry out some calibration. As well as commissioning work for a project of new weighing installations. Though in reality for practical reasons this would normally be limited to the European continent.

Supplying Process Weighing Products

Notwithstanding this, we are more than happy to supply our Process Weighing products to any customer. From which location they are, today’s communication options providing full opportunity. Allowing for the necessary sales dialogue without the normal face-to-face contact.

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