Hostile Area Weighing Systems

By “hostile”, we mean the heavier more rugged industries that tend to involve arguably greater arduous working conditions than other industrial environments, where there is often likely to a combination of factors including large loads and machinery or plant to make life a real challenge sometimes.

We are very used to working on such sites… ones where there may be many hidden dangers due to the nature of the product and manufacturing processes involved, example industries being:

  • waste recycling
  • cement
  • biomass
  • steel

These all commonly use weighing within their production process, load cells being by far the best measuring hardware for their applications due to this technology’s unique combination of precision and durability – particularly when this type of transducer’s inherent overload capabilities are supplemented by the range of anti-shock and anti-vibration mechanisms available from Weigh Sol within our loading assemblies, which will be selected according to the particular duty required.

A “bit of dirt and dust” won’t bother us… Weigh Sol engineers are trained and responsible individuals that can be trusted to work safely whilst they work on these sort of customer sites.. “it goes with the territory”! All backed up by comprehensive documentation for the industry and environment concerned.

hostile side 1
hostile side 2