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Manufacturers in sector adopt Process Weighing equipment and systems. They do this for all sorts of factory-floor applications and whether the product or ingredient concerned is a or powder – as it often is – or a liquid.

Types of Weighing Equipment in the Food Industry

So you will find the usual array of bench-mounted weigh-scales used for manual formulating and dispensing. Larger floor-mounted platform weighers to measure the contents of a mobile tote bin. Alternatively what is being moved around the factory by a loaded pallet. As well as small hoppers mounted on load cells for loss-in-weight applications plus larger tanks and silos to store raw materials in bulk. There will also be the widespread use of in-line checkweighers in a packaging line. And perhaps other specialised in-situ weighing devices too.

Load Cells For Measuring Solutions

Since it is “non-invasive” technology, the use of load cells in weighing equipment is an ideal measuring solution. But, one whose designs still need to be facilitate easy regular cleaning-down. Possibly via high-pressure hose and at close quarters. Hence the inclusion within our product portfolio of load cells and field-mounted weight indicators that carry a ‘IP69K’. this is an ingress-protection rating, so that in addition to being robustly built it will withstand the rigours of such a harsh working environment for the long-term.

Weigh Sol Within The Food Industry

Weigh Sol often supplies its products for use within this manufacturing sector to a third party “OEM” supplier. Where our load cells and/or mounts will be integrated within a turnkey system or installation by the company concerned.

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