Factory Modifications And Weighing Solutions

Providing a Tailored Weighing Solution

Weigh Sol gets involved in many projects that involves the client wanting more ability to their factory weighing equipment. Often asking to add or make a change to one or more of their production layouts or processes. This is as a result of the new weighing requirements that we create.

Maximise Your Production

New production and process layouts are very common and popular with our clients. This need for our products and services stems from the required improvements of factories efficiencies through weighing modifications. Helping manufacturers maximise production efficiencies from their existing facilities.

Factory Weighing Modifications

Such a scheme may, for example, involve the installation of a new weighed vessel within the process. Perhaps the client is requiring several of these so their contents can accurately be measured. Such tanks can be mounted on load cells.

Modification inside an existing factory could require the relocation of an existing weigh-scale. This can be for the new process or indeed at least one completely new additional flexibility within it. Of course there could be more and different Process Weighing applications arising from this type of site expansion.

Specialist Weighing Engineers

The specialist knowledge our engineers have is gained as a result of their experience over many years. Weigh Sol specialises in these types of project – one where invariably downtime will be a major concern. Production output remains key and is in an ideal position to provide a cost-effective best-fit weighing solution “from the bottom end up”.

So if you are currently considering this type of project, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be delighted to discuss your requirement.

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