Gravimetric Filling

“Filling”… “dosing”… and even “batching” sometimes… they can often mean or relate to the same thing.

Filling Applications

A very common form of filling application that Weigh Sol gets involved in is a ‘Gravimetric Filling System’.

Whereby containers require filling as accurately as possible. Perhaps for “trade” (sold-by-weight) purposes – according to how the product is being supplied by our customer to theirs, such as:-

  • A small, eg 10-30kg, tub or pail, either singly or in multiple multi-layer quantities on a pallet.
  • A 205-litre drum (the old “45-gallon barrel”) or its, eg 200kg, equivalent, again either one at a time or 4 to a pallet.
  • A 1000-litre IBC, tote bin or tank.

Weigh Sol Filling Solutions

Weigh Sol offers a wide range of platform scale to accommodate whichever of the above. As well as in whatever combination applies to the filling application concerned. Including within a classified “hazardous” (ATEX-rated) potentially-flammable environment.

Filling Operations

These can be supplied with a dedicated weighing controller for some relatively straightforward filling applications. Such as a simple decanting operation. We also have a relationship with at least one partner supplier of various forms of filling apparatus. So that we – and they – are able to offer a complete weighing-based solution for a more complex requirement.

Filling Applications With Weigh Sol

The filling applications we have been involved with previously. As well as regularly come across now may have similar uses for that part of our Process Weighing Equipment offering.

filing side 1
filing side 2

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