So what do we mean by “batching”? Let us explain what weighing batch equipment is.

What is Weighing Batch Equipment?

It can be making up a batch of a product inside a fixed or movable container. Whereby differing amounts of several ingredients added according to a recipe or formulation.

Or it can be transferring a pre-made amount of a product or mix from one location to another, again involving a vessel or drum of some kind.

Applications for Batching Equipment

Doing either of the above is a very popular application for load cells and extremely high measuring accuracies. “Incremental” (per ingredient) as well as “absolute” (for the whole batch). This is achievable if the correct equipment when chosen for the job. As well as the required installation criteria are addressed and satisfied properly.

Manufacturing Reasons For Batching

And even if, for manufacturing reasons, more than one ingredient needs adding. As well as requiring mixing at one time, load cells need not be ruled out. As the transfers concerned can be made simultaneously from a weighed feeding container or vessel with resulting very high accuracies.

Weigh Sol’s Aim

This is exactly what Weigh Sol’s aim is… to eke out the best possible performance from our equipment within a Process Weighing context.

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