New Weighing Projects

Here at Weigh Sol we like to think we are experts in all things Process Weighing. We tailor our solutions around the needs of our clients – particularly when it comes to a brand new Process Weighing Project. We work very closely with our clients to ensure that the very best Weighing solution for the demands of the application is provided.

Our Weighing Projects

Weigh Sol works on both brand new ‘greenfield’ as well as ‘brownfield’ factory projects.

The combination of our Process Weighing products, specialist engineering services and in-depth onsite expertise means that we can help with whatever a particular Weighing Project entails.

We don’t shy away from any challenge and confidently offer Weighing Solutions for: –

Refits of an Existing Factory

We work with the existing infrastructure and the specific considerations it demands to satisfy the Weighing requirement concerned.

Extensions to an Existing Factory

Need something extra ‘weighing-wise’? Weigh Sol can significantly extend a current factory’s weighing capabilities and integrate our equipment with existing systems and procedures.

Additions of a New Production Line or Process

We find solutions to adapt your existing manufacturing processes –  always with an eye on improving efficiency and minimising down-time.

Upgrade of an Existing Production Line or Process

Our Weighing Upgrade capabilities will help get the most from your current processes and production lines.

We are experts in new Weighing Projects

Weigh Sol has exactly the right mix of equipment, expertise and overall engineering capability to provide the best possible fit-for-purpose solutions for our customers. We are not daunted by any Process Weighing application and strive to always keep within budget and add value wherever we possibly can.

Satisfying the ongoing needs of a new Weighing Project

The breadth of our offering and experience allows our customers to be confident in our abilities as to the longer-term performance and reliability of the Process Weighing Equipment and Systems we supply beyond the commissioning stage and well into the future. With the aid of our on-site commissioning, regular planned calibrations, routine maintenance plus servicing and, of course, extensive spare parts supply, we can provide continuous peace of mind for our clients.

Weigh Sol can be trusted

Not only can we supply the very best tailor-made Process Weighing solutions from our very wide product portfolio, Weigh Sol has the overall support and resource that is vital from an “application engineering” point of view to result in a successful project weighing installation. Mechanically, electrically, and with the addition of any necessary custom software, Weigh Sol can be relied upon by our clients to provide the COMPLETE package.

Good, clear communication comes as standard

We are happy to work directly with the client or with their appointed contractor on any weighing project. Our emphasis on responsive, effective dialogue with the various relevant parties throughout any Process Weighing Project – meaning we will always provide both the support in general,  documentation included, needed to run a new weighing-based capital project.

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