Retro-Fit Weighing Applications

We are very good at retro-fitting weighing scale applications, this is something that we at Weigh Sol believe we can justifiably claim. Our record in such work suggests, we are some of the best in the industry in this type of service.

Modifying Existing Weighing Equipment

Here we’re talking about changes and additions to an existing piece of plant equipment. Typified by the new need for a previously non-weighed process vessel and/or tanks. Perhaps a section of conveyor to have load cells fitted to it for one now-crucial new reason or another. A new reason could be the need for improved level-measurement and increased batching. As well as better accuracy or for mass-balance purposes to monitor product yield for an existing or new product or range. Things are constantly changing after all.

Why Retro-Fitted Weighing Applications?

Similar modifications are commonplace when part of a planned obsolescence program happens. Alternatively when an old part of a weighing system is suddenly discovered as being long-obsolete. Load cells and/or the instrument concerned require upgrading, where improved communications between the Weighing and Production Control Systems is no longer up to date. These types of issues are often the case nowadays.

Weigh Sol’s Weighing Equipment Range

We have a considerable range of Load Cells and mounting accessories at our disposal. Installable for very common applications. Plus a variety of complementary instrumentation, programmable controllers and operator interfaces. These employ the very latest in advanced analogue and digital electronics technology. Together with the necessary expertise and knowledge to properly install it. This type of important “upgrade” work forms a large part of what we do for our clients.


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