Weighing Equipment Service Agreements

Preventative maintenance is so important to optimising the performance. As well as reliability of any regularly-used industrial plant and equipment. This certainly applies to Process Weighing systems. Whilst this has always been the case, with many manufacturing factories in the UK getting older, it is even more so these days. Weigh Sol are absolutely committed to providing the very best level of service. Our Process Weighing services are one of the areas we hold to a high standard.

Maintenance For More Efficient Machines

Maintenance is a vital component of our onsite service offering. Many of the agreements we have in place with clients include dedicated diagnostic visits. We carry this out on the weighing equipment and systems we look after, this in addition to its regular calibration. This ensures we address any potential weighing issues. We deal with these issues before it becomes a serious problem, with a suitable installation or hardware adjustment. Alternatively, we can do full repairs if required. The work will vary from either a “simple” service visit to check the operating efficiency or a more comprehensive diagnostic and re-calibration visit.

Weigh Sol Service Agreements

We tailor our service agreements to an individuals needs. We regard these services as agreements instead of “contracts”.  We tailor these agreements to our customers and their criticality and condition of the weighing equipment. We schedule visits ranging in frequency from once a year to every quarter. They can also be set up for on a rolling 12-months basis. Alternatively, they can run for longer, eg 2, 3 or 5 years, and with an annual review. This review enables the customer to plan ahead with better certainty in their maintenance plan and budget.

The Benefits of a Weigh Sol Agreement

A service agreement with Weigh Sol provides these key benefits…

  • A reduced daily rate and hence lower cost for the services of our site engineers.
  • A priority response to breakdowns and other urgent onsite requirements. Performed over and above those customers that do not have such a ‘contract’ in place.
  • Complete site cover for all of our customer’s weighing equipment and systems. From precision laboratory balances to vehicle weigh-bridges, no matter the manufacturer.
  • Flexible Solutions
  • Due to fluctuating production requirements, we appreciate that the planned availability of and/or access to the weighing system may not known too far in advance. We try our best to accommodate some flexibility in our onsite arrangements to allow for necessary late changes.

Data Enhanced Agreements

The service agreement can be invaluably supplemented by the provision of access to a dedicated secure online portal. Helping with the immediate, safe and live storage of calibration certificates. As well as other important data to your designated personnel.

Weigh Sol’s High Performance Standards

Weigh Sol will always strive provide the very best support from our HQ office and remote staff. This is to ensure that the performance of the service agreement is closely monitored and maximised.

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