Spare Parts Supply & Installation

Having the available spare parts to replace old or faulty equipment can be vital. It reduces downtime and continuity of production. This is an important responsibility on behalf of both parties. Where an hour or two’s lost production may cost literally thousands of pounds. Because, no-one had properly addressed the crucial matter of spares…

Building Strong Relationships

Weigh Sol regards this as very much a “two-way street” with our customer relationships. Particularly when addressing the scope of one of our service agreements.

Pro-Active Spare Part Installation

We are pro-active with our policy towards spare parts. Especially the more critical ones, so that they will always be available from stock – either on the end-user’s shelf or ours. This enables us to fix an issue straight away, or at least in very quick time when an existing part fails and is very definitely a far more positive approach. In comparison to merely sending an engineer to site without any knowledge of the cause of the problem. Never mind having the hardware to replace a faulty weighing item.

Holding Stock For Fast Action

We carry a stock of the most fast-moving hardware to be able to wherever possible respond as effectively as we can. Sudden breakdown of an item such as load cell equipment can slow production – if not immediately available. We will obtain a suitable replacement as quickly as we can from the wide choice we have. We have a wide range of product in our portfolio to get the process up-and-running again with a minimum of delay.

Spare Parts to Prevent Downtime

Weigh Sol is also very happy to provide our customers with a recommended spare parts list to ensure minimal production downtime.

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