Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Beauty & Personal Care

These industries all demand the highest of standards. In all respects it is absolutely essential that the products its manufacturers make are safe. As well as effective and of the highest quality. Often being subject to approval by the FDA and the MHRA, amongst other regulatory bodies.

Weighing Systems Within This Industry

Extensively applying to weighing systems in use within this industry. Manufacturing and production operations in particular need to ensure this. Weigh Sol has a long-standing and close relationship with a number of leading well-known international brand names. From both initial R&D involvement and upscaled pilot plant activities. Through to both primary and secondary manufacturing. As a result, we have gained a strong reputation in the pharmaceutical industry.

Process Weighing Equipment

The use of process weighing equipment within this industry is extensive. From very precise laboratory balances to larger bench and floor weigh-scales plus load cell systems for process tanks. As well as reactor vessels, storage silos and weigh-hoppers. All used for the typical range of contents-measuring and batching applications. Including within a potentially flammable working environment sometimes.

Hygienic Weighing Systems

Hygiene and cleanliness in general being critical to the industry’s manufacturing environments. Including the utilised processing equipment within this industry. Along with the components used within them. Weighing is no exception to this rule. This invariably calls for top-quality corrosion-resistant weighing products. With the demand for load cells affording the highest level of (eg ‘IP69K’) ingress protection. In addition to compliance with the relevant regulatory bodies – including ATEX and other national trading standards therefore perhaps.

Weigh Measuring Technology

The “beauty” of weight measurement is the non-contact nature of load cell technology. Here at Weigh Sol, we design our products to satisfy these exacting requirements. Whilst achieving top performance and long-term reliability. And always with the need to meet the internal and external Validation protocols of our customers. As well as the associated necessary support documentation in mind.

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