Load Cells and Mounts

Weigh Sol offers a wide gamut of Load Cell Equipment – many different types and designs – for industrial applications, plus all of the vital mounting arrangements and assemblies to optimise their effective installation.

Working to your brief and applying the benefit of our extensive Load Cell experience, we can assist you in finding the exact equipment your specific application needs.

Weigh Sol Load Cell Equipment

In the vast majority of cases, the Load Cells we supply and use are: –

  • The Euro-norm standard OIML-approved as traceable, documented testimony to their quality assurance and fully-tested precision
  • UKCA and ATEX-certificated for designated ‘Hazardous Area’ weighing applications (due to the presence of a potentially-flammable gas, liquid or dust, for example)
  • Manufactured in stainless steel
  • Usually sealed to a minimum rating of IP68) – and even to an ‘IP69K standard for close-up, high-pressure washdown applications

Our most Popular Load Cell Equipment

The most popular members of our range of load cells are as follows:-

Single-Ended Bending Beam

A low-capacity, high-accuracy, transducer for various lighter-duty industrial weighing uses. Available in many capacities from 5 kg to 300 kg, this also has an easy-to-install Weigh Sol mounting kit.

Single-ended Shearforce Beam

A rugged, but very precise, Load Cell due to its inherent resistance to side-loads (for example, during mixing and blending operations). Almost now universally regarded as the best type of Load Cell for Process Weighing applications, it is commonly found in both Vessel Weighing installations and Platform Floor Scales. Also used for force-measuring requirements in general, Single-ended Shearforce Beam Load Cells are suitable for both static as well as dynamic use and are available in individual capacities from 300 kg to 5000kg (5 tonnes). In terms of mounting kit, we offer our unique ‘VesselMount’ or ‘ShockMount’ loading assemblies – both of these having an integral jacking facility to aid their installation initially without their load cell.

Double-ended Shearforce Beam

A higher-capacity, compact, Load Cell from 5,000 kg (5 tonnes) up to 100,000 kg (100 tonnes) mainly designed for larger Tank and Vessel Weighing applications, that benefits from very good accuracy. Once again, this Load Cell is available with our own ‘VesselMount’ assembly.

Low-profile Compression

An accurate, durable, cost-effective and extremely versatile Load Cell, suitable for a wide range of general weighing as well as other measuring and testing applications. The capacity range for this design starts at 1,000kg (1 tonne) upwards. As is the case for all of the other Load Cells we supply, purpose-designed mounting kits are also available from Weigh Sol.

Standard Compression

Sometimes referred to as a ‘canister’ or ‘column’ (or “baked bean tin”!) Load Cell, with a higher-profile design than the above that is ideally suited to applications such as vehicle weighbridge use as well as for large tank and silo weighing. This Load Cell has capacities typically ranging from 10 tonnes up to 500 tonnes and – once again – is available with a variety of mounting kits according to the specific application.

Single-point (“Off Centre”)

Widely used in installations requiring a small platform bench scale or inline checkweighing, the Single-point Load Cell is a very good and reliable general-purpose measuring sensor. It is a precise Load Cell with an extremely broad range of weighing applications, its versatility and adaptability lending its use to a whole host of differing weighing requirements. This design has a typical capacity ranging from a 1 kg or so up to about 200kg for Weigh Sol’s purposes.

Other Load Cell Equipment from Weigh Sol

As you may expect from a Weighing Equipment specialist like ourselves, we have a number of other types of Load Cell Equipment at our disposal. We can provide a weighing solution for many general and more unique applications based on other Load Cell designs – for example, ring-torsion (“toroidal”) Load Cells.

If you have an application you’d like to challenge us with, simply get in touch and let our experts get on the case!

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