Commissioning New Weighing Equipment and Weighing Systems

Our aim is of course to meet the customer’s specification in respect of technical compliance. We will always try to deliver the best possible performance to satisfy the requirement during the onsite Commissioning of our new equipment. Or equipment that is supplied by others, this is something that Weigh Sol specialises in. It can also apply to an existing upgraded installation with either new load cells or weighing device or weighing instrument. That is with the sense that the equipment or system concerned is to be “re-commissioned”.

Weigh Sol’s On-Site Engineers

Our site engineer will carry out the following tasks when commissioning a weighing system…

• In the case of a process vessel mounted on more than 3 support legs or brackets. Or shim the load cell mounts to balance the outputs of the cells as evenly possible between them

• Terminate the equipment’s non-field cabling and wiring connections

• If possible, “dry test” it before doing so with product

• Calibrate to the required accuracy

• Check its live weight-measurement performance

• Confirm all of the above in the form of a (normally on-the-day) typed-up detailed site report and calibration certificate

Commission New Weighing Systems

Additionally, before final Commissioning of any Vessel Weighing System installation takes place we do the following… We recommend carrying out a “Pre-Commissioning” visit by one of our specialist engineers. Its purpose is in general to view how the installation is progressing. As well as by checking it to avoid potential delays during the Final Commissioning phase of the project. For example, giving one point to particular attention is the quality of the overall mechanical installation. This is to ensure that any connecting pipework is sufficiently flexible minimising the vessels ‘hang-up’. Hopefully eliminating the ‘hang-up’, and that there is no interference to the vessel’s free movement from any external forces.

comissioning side 1
comissioning side 2

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