Process Weighing Calibration Services

The regular calibration of Process Weighing equipment is vital in order to ensure that it is consistently performing to the highest standard. Wherever possible, performance should be as it was when the system was originally installed and commissioned.

Regular Industrial Weighing Scale Calibrations

At Weigh Sol we have service agreements with many of our clients and these include at least one calibration visit per annum. More frequent calibrations may be required in certain circumstances, for example for Weighing Equipment and Systems that are deemed critical to the entire process they serve.

Our Vessel Weighing Calibration Techniques

We use a number of calibration methods; in every case applying the most suitable one for the Weighing installation in question and the environment in which it operates. 

Our Weigh-Vessel Calibration methods are fully compliant with the applicable Institute of Measurement & Control standard and include calibration by: –

  • Temperature-compensated electronic water-flowmeters
  • Suitably-approved and Certified test weights
  • Transfer, or use of, Pre-weighed substitute loads
  • ‘Force injection’ (also known as “electronic simulation”)
  • Application of hydraulically-applied ‘Force transfer’ (a very speedy and therefore often preferred technique -, we have a video available on this topic)

All of the above carry full UKAS traceability.

Our Platform Weighing Scale Calibration services

Platform Weighing Scales are generally calibrated using certified and manually-applied test weights. Often used for various “approved for trade” applications, these Weighing Scales need to continuously perform within the guidelines and tolerances laid down by the relevant governmental regulation, as well as applicable national standards.

The display of proof of satisfactory weighing results – in the form of a valid calibration certificate – is absolutely crucial if the piece of Weighing Equipment concerned is to continue to be used for its intended purpose.

Allowing you to weigh with accuracy and confidence

We will always test your Weighing Scale to ensure that it is performing with the required weighing accuracy for the application and therefore to the desired weighing tolerances.

Regardless of whether it is from a single “as found” verification or second “definitive” re-calibration, we always supply a typed calibration certificate stating the method used plus permissible errors and all other relevant data.

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