What do we do?

We are a Weighing Applications Engineering Company. Operating across the UK, we offer a wide range of tailored solutions for our manufacturing and processing clients who can be from any market sector and almost always have their own unique, production-specific weighing needs.

What is our speciality?

At Weigh Sol we have earned an enviable reputation as ‘In-Process Weighing’ specialists.
Our team are problem solvers. Regardless of whether the aim is to design a fully-integrated weighing system solution for a brand new production process or to improve the performance of an existing installation, we consider every aspect of the project by applying our well-founded expertise. Our focus on critical detail (however minor) allows us to meet even the most unusual or challenging brief.

What makes us so good at what we do?

It’s all about our pedigree. There are many companies who sell industrial weighing equipment but very few who can supply the type of customised In-Process Weighing Solutions that are our speciality – particularly when it comes to the accurate ‘measurement-by-weight’ of the contents of process vessels and tanks (including reactors, silos and hoppers) as this often presents its own unique challenges!
Our deep understanding of the weighing requirements of UK manufacturers and the full consideration of all of the engineering aspects of a weighing application are what the clients we work with value most. Our experience allows us to identify and produce significant, cost-effective solutions that are vital to the success and longevity of the partnerships we undertake.

Why we are unique

At Weigh Sol we always tackle our clients’ weighing issues at their core. When it comes to tricky applications, we understand the importance of tracing a problem all the way back to its source, rather than simply addressing the more obvious symptoms.
Engineered Weighing Solutions often need to be incorporated into an existing production process. Careful consideration must therefore be given to the whole environment and any challenges which may be encountered, especially if installation is likely to result in some disruption, however minimal.
Hazardous, hostile or hygienic conditions aren’t particularly easy to contend with, but this is where our Process Weighing expertise lies, and where our understanding and experience in truly-customised solutions becomes reassuringly obvious.

Who we work with

We have many clients in the Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical and Personal Care sectors but that does not mean that our expertise lies within these areas alone. If there’s a Process Weighing need in any type of manufacturing setting, we will supply a customised solution to fit (and hopefully exceed) the brief.
Accuracy often goes hand-in-hand with efficiency. When it comes to achieving the highest efficiencies in processing or establishing the most highly-effective stock control system, our clients know that it pays to deal with a specialist like Weigh Sol.

We provide the full package

At Weigh Sol it’s never just a question of ‘install and go’. Our team can provide the highest level of on-site support and equipment servicing. And, of course, we apply the same exacting standards to every area of our offering, so we never lose our focus on best practice and continuous improvement.
The high level of trust we build with our customer base allows us to advise and collaborate on an on-going basis to evolve and future-proof the Process Weighing Solutions we provide (and to upgrade existing systems to eke out optimum performance).


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Our unique combination of best-in-class products, service excellence and extensive engineering know-how means that we are perfectly placed to provide fit-for-purpose, value-added Weighing Solutions.

‘Best-in-class’ Choice

We have no ties to any particular equipment provider and our clients therefore have freedom of choice, including access to the very best and most innovative Load Cells and Weighing Instrumentation (including mounting assemblies, equipment housing and junction boxes too!).

Specialist Advice

Weigh Sol’s team of experienced mechanical, electrical and software design engineers are on hand to advise on every individual aspect of the Process Weighing requirement in question. We look at the bigger picture rather than simply ‘get on with our bit’ as experience has taught us that this approach avoids unpleasant surprises when it comes to time-critical installation!

Future-proof Solutions

We believe it is our role to consider future requirements as well as immediate need as this is the only way to guarantee that our clients get what continues to be the very best Process Weighing Solution for them.

We consistently strive to provide a ‘painless’, cost-effective and easy upgrade path. In some cases retro-fitting new solutions to an existing installation or introducing direct plug-ins – always considering the finest level of detail to ensure that disruption and downtime are avoided.

Clear Communication

Our style of account management is both consultative and open. We never withhold information simply to maintain an air of mystery about our solutions – in our opinion this is beneficial to no-one. We are also very aware of the confidential nature of some of the data we are privy to, and this is, of course, handled securely, appropriately and in full accordance with any NDA where applicable.

On-site Support

During the initial planning phase, throughout the installation and even after commissioning, our team of specialists will own the responsibility for on-site support. Every Weigh Sol client holds equal ranking in our consideration, regardless of the nature of the Weighing Solution we have provided or the contract value.

Consistent Best Practice

We are an ambitious company, and we believe that our success has come from our company-wide commitment to following best practice and seeking continuous improvement. This forward-thinking attitude is one which we apply internally within our own procedures, but also externally in every client partnership we form.

Committed to Total Quality

When Weigh Sol was formed, we set the bar at a very high level – not only in terms of our Weighing Solutions, but also in our staff training & development and Quality of service. We are incredibly proud to have maintained these high standards, including our ISO-9001:2015 certification, even as our client base has increased.

We are market leaders in the field of Process Weighing and we aim to out-perform other equipment and service providers in every aspect of the work we do.

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The Process Weighing Solutions we provide are always site-specific, highly effective and the best fit for the task required. We start with the client’s objectives and use our vast experience to engineer a solution which is both appropriate and cost effective, regardless of the nature of the process or the installation size.

Our Knowledge

We are experts in our field and as such we seldom come across a client issue we’ve not encountered before. If there’s an In-Process Weighing Solution to be had, we can guarantee that we already know about it (we may even have invented it!).

Our deep practical knowledge, and therefore our ability to advise, extends beyond the Load Cells to the Weighing Instrumentation and everything in between (mounts, equipment housing, junction boxes and all!).

Our Vast Range

We are proud to support a very broad, all-encompassing range of weighing equipment. From small balances through to large-scale tank, silo and hopper weighing installations, Weigh Sol can advise, provide, install, calibrate, service, repair and upgrade.

Even if the original Weighing Solution was not installed by us, we’re happy to support our clients with whatever level of input they need. Retro-fit is a Weigh Sol speciality and our attention to detail means that even the matching of the fixing holes will be considered!

Our Highly-skilled Engineers

At Weigh Sol we believe that it takes a very special type of Weighing Equipment engineer to truly understand what real life within the manufacturing world looks like and to always consider the ‘bigger picture’.

We are incredibly fortunate to have a team of engineers who are multi-skilled, highly-competent, self-sufficient and committed to the best interests of our clients. This not only allows us to offer a full Project Management service, but it also means that we can be responsive and flexible and provide hands-on support, no matter what time of day or night.

Our Holistic Approach

As Process Weighing specialists we are able to take true ownership of any project, offering an ‘end to end’ approach, rather than simply focusing on our own area of the jigsaw. We consider every aspect of the task at hand, including the solution practicality, potential installation challenges, application-specifics and also expected future needs.

Our Complete Solutions

Most production Weighing Systems require integration to the wider process and physical connection to the outside world. In many cases this means we extend our expert involvement beyond the delivery and installation of the Load Cell itself and support our clients with structural groundworks, support steelwork, associated pipework – and even intricate Project Planning and Project Management to minimise disruption.

Weigh Sol’s specialists thrive on the kind of high-pressure challenges which other weighing equipment providers find daunting and would perhaps simply try to avoid!

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We operate in the niche area of Process Weighing – not exclusively, but to a large extent due to the expertise and experience needed to properly address the specific weighing activities within a manufacturer’s internal production operations. This detailed knowledge and appreciation of these processes (as well the environment in which they operate) ultimately governs the success of any installed weighing system.

Some typical examples of systems where the Process Weighing Solutions we provide play a vital role, are: –

Batch Reactors

Especially within the Chemical and Pharmaceutical industries where Load Cells are used extensively to obtain an accurate measurement of ‘reaction’ vessels.

This is widely considered to be one of the most challenging weighing applications due to: –

• The probability of there being a very heavy – high ‘deadweight’ vessel (glass-lined perhaps)
• The presence of large agitator motors and drives
• The extent of connecting pipework for product feed, condensers etc.
• The need to consider support steelwork
• The relatively small nature of ingredient additions to each batch

Whilst these systems certainly aren’t easy, they are not impossible either – particularly with the right weighing partner on board (Weigh Sol of course!)

Mixing Vessels and Blending Tanks

Many (or, in fact, most) manufacturing sectors – especially Food & Beverage, Speciality Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Personal & Health Care, Coatings and Aggregates – mix and blend ingredients in vessels and tanks to make up a recipe of their desired end-product. Accurate and reliable In-Process Weighing in such applications is a must.

Bulk Storage Tanks and Silos

indoor and outdoor bulk storage tanks and silos for “mass balance” stock-level purposes. Weigh-hoppers and bins for the reliable measurement of powders and other solids

As process vessel weighing systems involve the physical connection to the outside world. Factors such as pipework and support steelwork will need to be properly addressed.

This “world” that Weigh Sol inhabits most days presents a daunting – and more often than not, impossible – challenge to most weighing providers. There are also the added production pressures of access and downtime that we are used to.

Weigh-hoppers and Bins

Load Cells are commonly used in the reliable measurement of powders and other solids where alternative measurement technologies may fail for various reasons, including the lie of the land inside (‘angle of repose’), the inherent nature and characteristics of the material itself, the preference for a non-contact method, etc.

Process Platform Weigh-Scales

Where the container of product to be measured is moved from one position to another, such as in the case of IBCs or pallets (rather than fixed in position as in the previous cases), there may not be the same requirement to consider ‘real world’ structural and process connections.

Regardless of this, this category of weighing is just as vital for all of the applications mentioned and a well-engineered solution is essential, ensuring that the design of the Weigh-scale Equipment suits the particular working environment as well as the measuring requirements of the process itself.

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