Weighing Equipment Repairs

We are very good at “fixing” (weighing-related) things…

Weigh Sol’s Repair Philosophy

Our intention is to always repair a piece of weighing equipment. Our process of repairs follows a strict process, firstly we find the suspected problem. Once we find this fault we consider all the options before offering a replacement of the item or piece of equipment. Once we’ve properly evaluated all the options and ensured we found the ‘broken’ part, we will begin the repairing process. However, if we can’t repair it, we always have spare parts to ensure the smallest amount of downtime possible.

Weigh Sol’s Repair Engineers

Our engineers are able to repair all makes and models of weighing equipment. If we are unable to do so onsite, we will take it to our  workshop. Or return it to the manufacturer to try to offer the quickest turn-round time possible.

Replacement Parts If Repairs Can’t Happen

If a replacement part of piece of weighing equipment is required, then we will look to do so in as painless a fashion as possible. Our wide range of remedial hardware solutions will ensure this.

repairs side 1
repairs side 2