Gas & Petrochemical, Waste Recycling & Power Generation

Gas and petrochemical industries are one of the many that use weighing equipment. In this industry they use it to monitor and measure their processing activities.

Load Cells and Other Weighing Technology

Here you will often find the combination that calls for the use of load cells. And this technology and type of transducer only – robustness and accuracy contained within an end-user’s requirement. When working in a hard environments Load cells are often the sole answer. But one which still necessitates good measurement precision. Load cells are also the best answer when there is a requirement for ATEX-Classification. This is due to the presence of a potentially-flammable solvent or dust.

Measuring Liquified Gases

From the storage of liquified gases (of various types) in outdoor tanks to its filling into bottles. As well as cylinders and drums at one end of the spectrum. To the weighing of large containers such as waste skips and bins at the other. And now in the ever-growing “biomass” sector, load cells are highly suited to meet the measuring need. Therefore provide the ideal solution for many a customer’s application.

Strong Weighing Equipment

One of the key requirements of producers in this sector is ruggedness. Especially of the plant and equipment used within their working environments as a matter of course. Load cells lend themselves to the many mass-measuring applications at large. Weigh Sol will always supplement with a suitable mounting arrangement or assembly to prevent damage from shocks. As well as other extraneous forces that may be present in the weighing installation. This is one of the major reasons that load cells are selected so often by the end-user in this sphere of processing activity.

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