Hygienic Area Weighing Systems

Producers in the food & drink, pharmaceutical and personal care markets especially work to the very highest standards of hygiene and cleanliness.

Weigh Sol has a long history of serving our customers in these highly-regulated sectors and not only have products that are specially designed for the Process Weighing applications that are involved, also have the necessary documented procedures in place.

So we have or use…

  • highly IP-rated load cells, where there may be lot of water around either from the process itself or from normal washdown procedures, or perhaps where this a risk of temporary complete immersion (eg a below-surface floor scale  within a flooded “pit”)
  • special “hygienically-designed” load cells and mounts for such environments, with minimal or no material ingress gaps and curved rather than sharp edges
  • bench- and floor-mounted platform scales with high-quality polished surface finishes
  • associated field-mounting weighing instruments also with very high levels of ingress protection – many rated to the relatively new “IP69K” rating standard
  • stainless steel external parts, housings and components wherever possible

Such equipment enables us to offer a unique range of “Process Weighing Equipment” that will perform well and reliably long-term in the most demanding of clean environments.

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