Industrial Weighing Scales & Balances

Platform scales come in all sorts of shapes and sizes nowadays – and Weigh Sol offers them all.

Weigh Sol’s Industrial Weighing Scales

We have designed our own special range of “Process Platform Scales”. These are to meet the particular needs of our customer base which are often different from the norm. Typically more demanding in terms of weighing performance. Especially in the working environment concerned.

The Industrial Scales We Offer

We use scales for a wide variety of industrial applications. The ones we supply generally falling into one of the following three categories…


  • four load cell bases
  • designed for the weighing of larger bulk loads, such as bins, stillages, pallets, mobile tanks and IBCs
  • available in platform sizes from 750 mm square up to 2000 mm square, with lots of others in-between
  • with weighing capacities from 300 kg up to 3,000 kg (3 tonnes)
  • in either stainless steel or painted/coated mild steel
  • pit-mounted (flush-floor) versions also
  • ‘U-shaped’ design for push-in pedestrian pallet use
  • ‘gas-lift’ designs for clean-down applications
  • ATEX-approved load cells and junction box available for classified Zones 1/21 or 2/22
  • available with various fitments and mounting attachments according to type of load (eg cradle or support-frame)
  • trade-approved versions also


  • single load cell bases
  • designed for the weighing of smaller loads, such as bags and cans, etc
  • platform sizes from 200 mm square up to 600 mm square, again many load-determined others
  • weighing capacities from 1 kg up to 30 kg
  • in either stainless steel or painted/coated mild steel
  • other floor-mounting versions also available, with capacities from 60 kg up to 300 kg
  • ATEX-approved load cells and junction box again available for classified Zones 1/21 or 2/22
  • trade-approved versions also
  • with optional integral indicator support column

Precision desk-top balances:

  • designed for laboratory or high-accuracy factory-floor applications, for the weighing of dyes and other critical components
  • wide range of models available from specialist well-known manufacturers of such equipment
  • normally involve a very low weighing range and tolerance (sometimes called readability)
  • ATEX-approved versions also available from Weigh Sol

Our Other Weighing Products

We offer a range of weighing products to suit our customers needs, because of this we’re able to offer a full service solution to industry weighing. Providing everything from Load Cell Equipment & Mounts through to Industry weighing scales and balances. View all our weighing products here.

Find Out More About Our Industrial Weighing Scales

For more information on you can use our industrial weighing scales in factories and other industrial areas get in contact. We are experts in weighing and everything around weighing. Find all our contact details below.

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