Weighing Instruments

Weigh Sol offers a range of Weighing Instruments to complement our front-end Load Cell equipment, all employing the very latest digital technology.

Whilst not an entirely exhaustive list, Weigh Sol’s Weighing Instruments range includes: –


  • Normally DIN-rail mounted inside a control panel which is local to or remote from the Weighing Scale installation
  • Form a vital interface between the weighing and control systems
  • Power (or ‘excite’) the Load Cell(s) with a stable voltage to maximise measurement drift
  • Possess an extremely high and fast processing capability to obtain and process weighing results quickly and accurately
  • Come with many different connectivity options, from a still-popular current output (e.g. 4-20mA) to digital Bus with Fieldbus communication protocols, including Profibus/Profinet/Ethernet (including IP)/Canbus PLC interfaces
  • Easy to set up, with an intuitive, configurable menu
  • Can include on-board digital inputs and outputs, for example to power alarms and remote instructions (to zero or tare)


  • For either field-mounting close to the Load Cells or Scale (suitably IP-rated), or inside a panel
  • With clear, easy-to-read high-contrast LED or LCD displays
  • Usually have standard, simple weighing function keys
  • Can be for stand-alone use or within a data-capture/ control loop back to the customer’s network or PLC (via analogue output or serial comms, the latter again with choice of standard Fieldbus interfaces)
  • Come with many peripheral equipment possibilities, including barcode readers and printers
  • Available in ATEX-approved and trade-approved versions


  • Configurable or freely-programmable to provide a totally self-contained ‘weighing-plus’ process control solution if required
  • Can be field- or panel-mounted, with very clear displays and function keys for the operator
  • Are application-dependant, although there are numerous, already-developed, standard weighing software programs available
  • Have an ability to be integrated within a larger data-transfer or control loop
  • Available in ATEX- and trade-approved versions


  • Have sealed industrial touchscreen displays and enclosures for clean environments
  • Are able to run either a standard batchweighing/filling/dosing/checkweighing program or a customised application
  • Can guide the operator is via easy-to-follow prompts and instructions
  • Provide paperless trails for audit purposes
  • Have the ability to be networked for improved system communications
  • With a variety of peripherals available, including barcode scanners, printers, Wi-Fi connectivity etc.
DAT 400
DAT 500 1N
DAT 400 in our field mount boxIT3DFW LIDMC S 302IT6000ET

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