Fine & Bulk Chemicals

Almost every company within this sector uses a selection of Process Weighing Equipment. Still an important one both to the UK economy and to Weigh Sol as well. From high-precision desktop balances for laboratory uses and more rugged bench and floor platform scales. Load cell systems for various types of process tank and storage silo. As well as weigh-hoppers used for the typical range of contents-measuring and batching application. Many of which take place within a potentially flammable working environment, whether it be of an explosive vapour or dust origin.

Challenges of Chemical Weighing Processes

The chemicals industry in general often presents us with some of the most demanding challenges. Challenges we can face in our Process Weighing activities. Probably the best example of this involves a heavy-duty (possibly glass-lined) reactor mixing vessel. Existing or new, required to provide the best possible measuring accuracy for a number of compounds using load cells. This really is a “tough ask”, because:

  • The total weight that the load cells are supporting tends to be high, particularly from the reactor’s own deadweight
  • the degree of accuracy being sought – for the whole batch or even per mix component – may also be high
  • This type of process vessel always has the most pipework connections to it for product-delivery into it. Along with other services such as a water or oil supply to its heating jacke.
  • Mounting the reactor on steelwork, rather than on solid ground is also an option.
  • Temperature and pressure cycles may take place within the vessel. This is in association with the process.
  • And if all that wasn’t enough, some reactors are in flammable atmospheres!

So a very tough Process Weighing assignment indeed, and not one that many load cell providers have the capability to take on…

Chemical Weighing in the Real World

However, this is precisely “what we do”. Of course there will be real-world effects that may inevitably limit the performance of the weighing system. Our job is to try to minimise these to eke out the best possible result we can from a load cell viewpoint. We will have to take a detailed look at the complete installation. With all of its multifarious influencing factors – something we are well-able to do using our very experienced engineering team. Then ensure the calibration of weighing equipment once fitted onsite to deliver what our customer is asking for. So the seemingly impossible made achievable by Weigh Sol.

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