Hazardous Area Weighing Systems

We are noted specialists in Hazardous Area Weighing – that is, mass-measuring applications within a classified “zoned” potentially-flammable working environment, which many of our customers have in which their Process Weighing activities take place and whether the potential risk emanates from a gas (vapour) or dust (powder).

Weigh Sol offers a superb choice of ATEX-approved load cells and accompanying instruments for Process Vessel & Tank plus Platform Scale, and many other, weighing applications in such areas… for example, mobile weighers. This equipment can be certified for either Zone 1 and/or 21 use or Zone 2 and/or use, or indeed for differing combinations of “hazardous” environment, ‘global’ or ‘bubbled’.

We also provide the required ATEX certification to back up the suitability of our equipment for use within the designated classified zoned area.