In-line Check-weighers

We are referring here to the “in-line” – that is, within a conveyor of some type (normally belt-driven) – type of machine here. One that might be used in a static stop-and-weigh operation or more probably dynamically. Therefore, the item being weighed does not need to stop at all on its journey. Not the simple type of weigh-scale used for “manual check-weighing” therefore.

Weigh Sol specialises in systems where…

  • The throughput range will not extend beyond approx. 50-60 weighments a minute, and.
  • The load concerned will tend to be within the 5 kg – 25 kg capacity range.

Our In-line Checkweighers

This covers many different types of weighing application. Both internally within the manufacturing process itself (though probably more-or-less at the end of it, eg within a packing line). Alternatively, within the associated warehousing and distribution facility of the end-user. Check-weighing a product is within prescribed tolerances perhaps or to ensure a case of products has none missing prior to despatch.

Trade Approved Checkweighers

If required the check-weigher can be trade-approved if the product is being sold-by-weight. Whilst standard application programs for it include standard “lo/hi” tolerance checking. This is to meet current average weight legislation.

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