Application Engineering

We have the necessary expertise and experience in Process Weighing. This experiences allows us to be able to either address a particular specialist issue to do with a new or existing installation. Or to combine these skill-sets and put together a team to offer a complete bespoke engineered solution for a new project requirement:-

New Weighing Project Requirements

Mechanical Design

Mechanical design (eg wrt pipework, steelwork and environmental considerations. Such as pressure and temperature effects, etc).

Electrical Design

Electrical design (from a simple two-part “system” to much more complex control-based one, possibly in an ‘ATEX’ area).

Weighing Equipment Software

Software (for a tailored or custom solution for a dedicated one-off application for a client).

Communication Points

Communications (ranging from standard analogue to digital Bus-based interfaces to a PLC or DCS) for point-to-point. As well as peer-to-peer or multi-drop” networking of a number of weighing stations.

High Capability

This very powerful range of capabilities gives Weigh Sol a real edge. Especially when it comes to our ability to offer our customers a very cost-effectiveness. As well as highly implementable answer to their weighing needs.

Team Work

It also enables us to put the right sort of team together for a particular project. No matter what its content is and the needed skills and disciplines.

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