Level Measuring

It is not unusual for one of our customers to be using load cells to determine “roughly” how much of a material is within a process tank or vessel. Even a drum on a platform scale – that is, to simply find out what the product’s current level inside is.

Level Measuring Features

This could be to ensure the fixed or movable “vessel” or container isn’t over-filled. That it never runs out of material or for a particular process reason somewhere between a pre-set “lo” and “hi” level. Product spillages can be messy and inconvenient. Whilst if a process calls for a product that has run out there will clearly be important consequences. For example, a pump running when the feed-line is dry. A “watch-dog” output from the weighing system’s electronics can be vital in preventing such an occurrence.

Load Cell Comparison

Load cells can compare very favourably with other technologies such as radar. Ultrasonics and probes if a consistent and reliable measurement result is being sought. Especially if the physical mounting arrangement is compatible to their use. The technology is non-invasive, often repairable without a significant disruptive knock-on effect and simply calibrated insitu. Plus directly traceable to the measurement testing method.

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