June 2019

We are very pleased to announce the successful recent introduction to the Process Weighing market of our brand new ‘VESSELMOUNT-CP’ load cell assembly, and its addition to complement our – already – very strong family of mounts therefore.

The design is unique to Weigh Sol and follows the same pattern of USPs that we always look for in this part of our product range… its integrated “all-in-one” rather than “piecemeal” form (just like its sister ‘VesselMount-SB’, with two jacking pillars and so being able to be installed without its load cell initially, plus with an often-necessary “free-motion” facility to counteract thermal cycling that the vessel or tank may undergo in its normal process during weighing), its very good accuracy capability, cost-economy and of course fitness for purpose – whilst it is available in two heights according to the available or preferred installation criteria.

We confidently expect great things of this excellent new member of our front-end weighing hardware.

news image