Ravas BV

Our relationship stretches back many years now.

Ravas are world leaders in Mobile Weighing, in all its many forms – pedestrian and electrically-powered pallet weighing trucks and onboard fork-lift truck weighing systems, scissor-lift weighers, order-pickers by weight, warehouse weighing trucks… you name it, Ravas probably can supply it! And this includes mobile weighers for use within a classified ATEX area, as well as where the product being weighed is sold by weight and thus the integrated onboard weighing system needs to be formally “approved for trade” use.

What Weigh Sol brings to the party, in addition to being able to supply Ravas equipment within our own product portfolio, is our ability to look after it onsite in exactly the same way as any other type of Process Weighing machine due to our familiarity with the technology and depth of the long-time relationship between our two companies.

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