At Weigh Sol we have two highly complementary strands to our business – Sales and Service – which come together seamlessly to create a truly comprehensive Weighing Solutions offering from one convenient point of contact. Each area of the business, of course, benefits from the knowledge and expertise that the Weigh Sol name has come to represent.

Weigh Sol Weighing Solutions Sales

The supply of new Weighing Solutions is a key part of what we do. There are a number of ways in which our clients get us involved, the common factor being that they know we don’t shy away from any challenge they bring our way!

Working with Process Weighing Scale Applications of any scope or size

The breadth of projects which we undertake makes for a longer list than we could possibly include here, but essentially we can provide a Weighing Solution for any size or type of Process Weighing Application, for either existing or new customers.

From simple, one-off installations, to complex multi-system weighing stations, we can supply the Platform Scales, Weighing Vessels, Load Cells or even Mobile Weighers required. What’s more, we’ll also consider any specific restrictions, such as the specification of equipment that is to be located within ATEX areas.

New or replacement, upgrading and future-proofing

The Weighing Solutions we provide may be for a brand new line or to upgrade existing (perhaps now obsolete) systems. Our services may even be called upon to supply just one, new, compatible replacement Load Cell or Weighing Instrument. Whatever the scope of the job at hand, we can ensure that the client achieves exactly what they want and be reassured that their processes are accurate, efficient, cost-effective and future-proofed.

Industry-best Weighing Solutions hardware

Whilst we pride ourselves on providing only the very best hardware for the given application, our overall strategy is both pro-active and ‘holistic’ in nature. When called upon to supply any type of Weighing Solution, we take a truly ‘end-to-end’ approach. We offer the highest level of pre-installation support, on-site commissioning assistance – and on-going service and calibration services for the ultimate peace of mind.

The Weigh Sol Team are part of the package

The specialised world of Process Weighing requires a specialist team and that’s exactly what we have at Weigh Sol. The product and process knowledge, application experience and engineering expertise they bring to every Process Weighing Solution creates a level of trust which our end-user clients and project partners value highly.

Call 01527 267 987 or email us at

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